Royal Crown

The history of Royal Crown perfumes is that of an Italian family strongly linked, for generations now, to tradition and a passion for the art of perfumery.

Each creation represents passion and meticulous attention to detail.

The family

Royal Crown was born in Rome in 2008, founded by Antonio Martino Visconti, heir of the ancient Visconti family, master glove makers in Caterina dei Medici's Florence, and today defined as a brilliant Alchemist of odor in continuous search for olfactory perfection, prime mover and last of all his creations.

2008 saw the fourth generation join the company.

Together with his two daughters, Valentina and Nicoletta, Antonio MV carries on the company with love and devotion.

“We are a family company: common values, strong territorial identity, generational continuity… it is a philosophy that we share and that gives life to our creations, still handmade in Italy today, one by one.”

Antonio Martino Visconti


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Sultan - Royal CrownSultan - Royal Crown
royal crown
Sultan - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €28,00
Noor - Royal CrownNoor - Royal Crown
royal crown
Noor - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €20,00
Nocturna - Royal CrownNocturna - Royal Crown
royal crown
Nocturna - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €28,00
Al Kimiya' - Royal CrownAl Kimiya' - Royal Crown
royal crown
Al Kimiya' - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €20,00
Ytzma - Royal CrownYtzma - Royal Crown
royal crown
Ytzma - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €20,00
Rose Masquat - Royal CrownRose Masquat - Royal Crown
royal crown
Rose Masquat - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €20,00
Upper Class - Royal Crown
royal crown
Upper Class - Royal Crown Sale priceFrom €20,00