In Astra

In Astra is an Italian artistic perfumery house founded in 2020 thanks to the initiative of Sofia Bardelli , nose, and her sister Fabiola , creative director. In Astra is a tribute to the poetic beauty of the universe and its stars that appear in the sky every night.
In Astra fragrances represent the union between the ephemerality of perfume and the eternal beauty of the stars.
Just as the olfactory notes follow one another in an alternation of evanescent accords, creating worlds of different emotions, so too the stars continue their path of evolution to explode and be reborn in a fascinating endless cycle.

An exclusive collection of fragrances is born from a single olfactory interpretation; fragrances enhanced by the best raw materials, carefully selected, and by the essential elegance of Italian design.


Sofia Bardelli, nose of In Astra

“In Astra is looking at the sky from another perspective, listening to the story that the stars tell us”

Passionate about fragrances from a young age, she built her education in order to make her dream come true. He moved to Grasse, a French city renowned for being a cultural heritage of perfumes, to attend the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Grasse and its scents have taught her to love the high quality raw materials which are her olfactory and creative imprint.

Fabiola Bardelli, creative director

“In Astra it is setting sail in search
of the essence of the stars"

After living and working abroad for several years, she returned to Italy to undertake an olfactory project together with her sister, which would combine her greatest passions: perfumes, travel and the stars.


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Discovery Set - In AstraDiscovery Set - In Astra
Antares - 50ML - In AstraAntares - 50ML - In Astra
In Astra
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In Astra
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Tistar - 50ML - In AstraTistar - 50ML - In Astra
In Astra
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In Astra
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